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Enter the world of "art brut" with the bold, mesmerizing drawings of Marion Dessan.

Influenced by Japanese animes, cartoons, literature, and urban legends, each drawing invites you to an unsettling universe with larger-than-life characters. Marion's freshness and colorful outlook on life add an uplifting dimension to her work.  

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    With its double formation in architecture and visual arts, Michel Mimran brings a unique spin on photographies and paintings. Meticulous, authentic and generous, this is how we could start to describe his work.

    He's been actively working around the subject of perception and memory, with his work ​spanning over 40 years.

    Find out more (here)  



    Hailed as the "great master of absurd", Glen Baxter is an English draughtsman and artist, renowned for its absurdist drawings .His captions are often satirical, filled with puzzling statements.


    Special guest: MIKE NIEDERKORN

    We're delighted to be exhibiting a couple of pieces from this Luxembourgish artist, who used to draw throughout his childhood and teenage years. His natural eye for colors and patterns makes each piece visually enticing. 

    His drawings almost have this "trompe l'oeil" effect.

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